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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a Day OFF to Mamutik Island Kota Kinabalu

today's entry is about
my day off to mamutik island...
it was a fun day and exciting feeling for having a day off and 
spent the whole day at the beach...
some people don't really like to go to 
the beach because they said it was too HOT at there
and some of them said they afraid to get a SUN BURN
~ how pity i felt for them~
it was a very sunshiny day with glee-some feeling we get
when we don't care about getting a sun burn to our skin
getting itchy & dirt by the sand
and getting wet by the ocean
woah such a blissful day
for releasing all the exhaustion & stress we get from work^^

even DOMO also like beach~hehe

haha and there is one thing that makes my trip to the island 
more interesting and
it was THIS:

haha i guess this is how 
terrorist, pirate and yellowman "DIGIman" look like
if they went for snorkeling hahaha hilarious
actually this is bunch of old lady from Hong Kong went for
a trip here at sabah...haha they make my day 
smiling n laughing the whole day^^
o ya and one thing more i have my first time ever experience
went for snorkeling 
(because im a non-swimmer person means cannot swim)
wahhh i must say the ocean is a very beautiful place to explore
many creature that I've never seen with my own eye
i can see it there^^
and the fish hehe they are so friendly and cute
they swim together with me...
they are not afraid of human at all
instead they go swim together with human
they just like dancing in the ocean huhu
unfortunately i do not own a water resistance camera
to capture them T.T
but anyway im 
hoping to have a day like this once again next time.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Little Vanilla

bell i miss you...~
hehe wish we will have a chance to sing our song
together again someday^^

Saturday, April 2, 2011

argh im in love with this stuff

 huhu i finally find Anton Tang's other artwork of this mini Danbo..
it's so i share some of his work
and i leave his link here(sharing sharing sharing)
he has a creative talent indeed!
feel free to view it^^

huhu i think i'll die if see this cute mini danbo
in real life because it's tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Thursday, March 31, 2011

for my dearest bos

hcsidgbcsbgcduigbsdch k.vbhcliscfldbvclv d
no word can describe how i feel with my bos now...
argh please la bos if u don't like what i have design then 
give me some suggestion of what you really want
  Onion Head Angry Pictures, Images and Photos argh Onion Head Angry Pictures, Images and Photos
im really piss off...
hum but come to think of it, if my bos don't give me these
stress how can i improve my self to do more
nicer design....adididh...
hum bos thanks for this stress
i guess...~

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


im longing for my secondary school...

SMK Kundasang Ranau Sabah
haha why i feel like this?
huhu i just viewed smk kundasang facebook
and saw all the picture that been upload
its really makes me miss this school so bad...
how i miss the environment of the school 
a cold weather in the morning
and a nice warm weather in the afternoon
the teacher...haha miss them~
huhu almost all of my ex-teacher
are still teaching there, i wonder how they are doing there
if i have a chance to visit them, i would like to thank them
for all thing that they ever do to me
including the teaching the listening the learning 
the guidance the following the support
or in conclusion THE EVERYTHING
how i wish to contribute something to this school
actually i would love to do some memorable yet inspiring mural
on one of the wall at this school
i wish i could...this is actually one of my long time wish
and i start to think about this idea since i was still a 
SMK Kundasang's student haha silly~
but i wish i could get the chance to fulfill it^^
i miss of having real true friend
i miss the process of being mature
i miss everything about secondary school...
starting from form 1 until form 6...
lastly i just want to say
"SMK Kundasang I MISS YOU~"

Friday, March 4, 2011

an inspiration "mini cardboard"

woah....i just find this really2 cute art piece that
created by Anton Tang a Singaporean artist who keep imagining  things
 of "Mini Cardboard People Appear on the Streets of Singapore"
where they live freely like how real people are...
he is creative!!! for creating something like this,
it remind me of the song "coffee & Tv" by Blur
where they use a milk box in their video...argh so cute...
the mini cute box which Tang called "Mini Danbos"
is actually a captured by camera which we use to 
call it photography, but it kind a like he 
create the box using 3D software for me
but anyway its "awesomely" CUTE hahahah...
feel free to view it^^

see...cute right..hehe
i guess above picture is Anton Tang
but who ever you are i really2 like your artwork...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

yesterday was a valentine day~

its been a long time since i didn't
updated my blog..haha im
updating this now was actually 
by the order of my friend BELL
ya its actually a perfect time to update this
blog because yesterday was a valentine day
and i also have something to share about my story 
in that day...

hehe for me, valentine is also 1 suitable
time for us to show how much we love
and do care about someone that we really love
its not just dedicated to our lover which means boyfriend or girlfriend
or fiance or husband or wife...
it may also dedicated to our beloved parent and sibling
or even our pet...
but some of us usually dedicated this special
valentine day to our lover
since we also have a day to thanks our parent on 
Mother's Day & Father's Day
then show our love to sibling on Christmas
or Chinese New Year or Hari Raya...
(mentioning this since i live in a "multi-races" country)

ok enough of this...the point here
is to share my very first ever Valentine Day with my love one
which is my FIANCE...
when come to think of it 
this year valentine is my first time ever to celebrated
it with my love one...haha
never realize it before...before this don't have a chance to
celebrated with a guy it was always with a girl...
hehe i mean my best girlfriendssss
the valentine that i spent with my fiance
was simple but yet meaningful...
a dinner in a Korean Restaurant
***how i love to eat Kimchi***
eat until stomach full miahaha
and exchanging a valentine gift
***eventhough i have a financial problem that time (over spent it on cloth argh)
but still doing some effort to think a budget gift hehe***

 and a movie...
the way we celebrate our first valentine actually
no different from other couple but
its quite meaningful to me to have a chance to share the feeling of
valentine with him (my fiance)
since both of us are busy with work now...
***act like grown up people haha...
(lastly, fiance i really2 love the valentine gift you gave to me huhu)

hehe satisfying dish...Korean Cuisine...

 to my Fiance
P/S: I Love You