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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a Day OFF to Mamutik Island Kota Kinabalu

today's entry is about
my day off to mamutik island...
it was a fun day and exciting feeling for having a day off and 
spent the whole day at the beach...
some people don't really like to go to 
the beach because they said it was too HOT at there
and some of them said they afraid to get a SUN BURN
~ how pity i felt for them~
it was a very sunshiny day with glee-some feeling we get
when we don't care about getting a sun burn to our skin
getting itchy & dirt by the sand
and getting wet by the ocean
woah such a blissful day
for releasing all the exhaustion & stress we get from work^^

even DOMO also like beach~hehe

haha and there is one thing that makes my trip to the island 
more interesting and
it was THIS:

haha i guess this is how 
terrorist, pirate and yellowman "DIGIman" look like
if they went for snorkeling hahaha hilarious
actually this is bunch of old lady from Hong Kong went for
a trip here at sabah...haha they make my day 
smiling n laughing the whole day^^
o ya and one thing more i have my first time ever experience
went for snorkeling 
(because im a non-swimmer person means cannot swim)
wahhh i must say the ocean is a very beautiful place to explore
many creature that I've never seen with my own eye
i can see it there^^
and the fish hehe they are so friendly and cute
they swim together with me...
they are not afraid of human at all
instead they go swim together with human
they just like dancing in the ocean huhu
unfortunately i do not own a water resistance camera
to capture them T.T
but anyway im 
hoping to have a day like this once again next time.

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